About us

About us

Dragstar 650

The VSOC was the brainchild of John Bryning, when he bought a Virago and wanted to join together with other virago riders.

C10 has been around since the start of the club in 1993, and John Bryning was part of C10 from the start even though he actually lived in Essex.

The club grew quickly and in 1997 the national committee was born.

Since its inception in March 1993 the Virago Star Owners Club has enjoyed the patronage of over seven thousand members. The VSOC is dedicated to the promotion and protection of YAMAHA XV Custom motorcycle owners and riders, and to that end has established a network of twenty Centres and Regional Representatives across the UK.

The club provides contact with over 1100 other Virago & Star owners for the exchange of information and advice on matters ranging from insurance to touring. Members are kept up to date on club activities, national news and regional events by a magazine and network of regional newsletters.

We have many rallies, the first being on the south coast at the Spinnaker Pub with about 35 members. Rallies are organised on a National basis throughout the summer months in various locations across the country. Our Sister organisations in Europe have hosted Rallies in Denmark, Luxembourg and the Netherlands. The VSOC has also been involved in expeditions to Ireland, France and the Czech Republic.

The Virago Star Owners Club welcomes membership applications from owners of all Yamaha Virago, Drag Star, Royal Star and Wild Star motorcycles, regardless of its age, model, engine capacity or country of origin!

Membership Benefits
Recognised & Supported by Yamaha UK
Magazines & News letters
Unique Merchandise
Technical Support
Discounts on Parts & Accessories
Local Ride-outs
Local & National Websites
National & International Rallies
Meetings across the UK
National Organisation & Committee
NABD, MAG & BMF Affiliation